Chalcocite Wikipedia

Chalcocite copper I sulfide Cu2S is an important copper ore mineral It is opaque and dark gray to black with a metallic luster It has a hardness of ​2 1⁄2 3

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Chalcocite Cu2S Handbook of Mineralogy

Chalcocite Cu2S c 2001 2005 Mineral Data Publishing version 1 Crystal Data Monoclinic pseudo orthorhombic Point Group 2 m or m Crystals are

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Chalcocite The mineral Chalcocite information and pictures

Detailed properties and locality information guide about the copper ore mineral chalcocite bristol cornwall

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Covellite or Chalcocite Maine

The mineral covellite one of the major ores of copper has the formula CuS and is a simple cupric sulfide The mineral chalcocite also a major ore of copper has

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Chalcocite Facts SoftSchools

One of the most important ores of the copper mineral is chalcocite and compared to other ores it has the most benefits Chalcocite has a content of high copper

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